And on the first day…

Right, so, looks like I have to write this all again because I saved it as a draft, restarted, and the draft had disappeared, but that happens sometimes. I just have to retrace my train of thought and get everything organised.

Anyways, it is about time I got out my first post here, and gave you a little taster of the things I’m going to be blogging about. What better time to start than when spring is in the air, school is about to get even harder, and everything seems to be collapsing around  me? It can only go up from here!

I mean it quite literally when I say that spring is in the air. In three ways. Firstly, pollen, which is the bane of my existence , but I deal with it anyways. Next of course, and very related, is sex. Sex is literally in the air. The birds are singing and displaying, and the insects are spazzing out. And finally, weather. Over the past 24 hours, I have seen snow, rain, wind and shine. It truly is the brink of spring, even if it is about two weeks late, meaning it will be a rough year for deer – a problem for myself.

The first hints I received that spring was on its way were two weeks ago, on a glorious day in Hyde park. We were staying rather near it, and the weather was gorgeous, so I took a stroll. Well, several strolls. The water birds were running amok, displaying and stuffing themselves, and all the other birds were having a great time it would seem. This gave me the perfect opportunity to shoot them from really close up.

Swan on the lake

This swan for example, was shot from just a few feet away, at 1/1600s and f/2.8, allowing me to isolate the head and providing with a shutter speed just fast enough to capture the action in the water droplet falling from the beak. The great tits were just as trusting though, especially when offered a cupped hand in which they thought they may find food of some sort. They were extremely curious.

Great tit

This great tit was shot at 1/1250s f/3, just fast enough to freeze the action and capture that beautiful eyelight. It is really great shooting these birds in Hyde park, but for me, they were only side attractions. There were two other subjects that I really wanted to get on digital film. They were robins and squirrels. The robins were trusting but rare, and it took a while to have the right opportunity to shoot one, but eventually it came.

Mr. Redbreast

This shot was taken at 1/1250s f/3.5 from about a foot away from the bird. It was very curious, and came right up to us as soon as we started talking to it. Of course, I didn’t stop shooting then. The light was absolutely perfect, so I changed angles several times:Ruffled Redbreast

This was shot at 1/800s f/3.2. I love shooting these beautiful little birds. They cooperate so well in Hyde park. I moved on however, when he flew off, and found myself a squirrel. The squirrels were even more tame than the robins, but still just as difficult to photograph as ever, because of their hyperactive antics. I managed to shoot a few good shots though:

Standing to attention

This little guy was shot at 1/160s f/3, freezing his motion and isolating him from the background. He soon scampered up a nearby tree, and I was able to take this shot:


This one was taken at 1/250s f/3. Even when stationary, these squirrels seem to continue to move, but still require a lower shutter speed than the birds. All this action got my camera absolutely whirring, and for the first time ever, I was forced to change cards.

Now, as much as I’d like to show you more photos from this trip, I’m going to have to throw them onto the next blog as a sequel to give me time to process them. Rest assured that there are far more to come. Especially of the robin. Those are just two of the huge number of photos I shot of him.

I leave you with a final view of the beginning of spring, shot at 1/800s f/3.

Spring Colours

It’s finally here.

Until the next blog! Keep shooting!

All shots were taken with AF-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 micro

4 comments on “And on the first day…

  1. Robin says:

    Honored to be the first fan to leave his *I was here and will come back*-Message…

    • Mark says:

      I’m very glad Robin, thanks. I apologise for the delay in updates. I’m working on it. I’ll do a quick update now! 😛

  2. Holly Tögel says:

    Wow. You’re really good. =0 I love the pictures. Very beautiful.

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