Bugs and Blooms

Wahey, today was a great day for photography! After I got home from my english exam, and of course after about four hours of dedicated, hard wii-playing, I bid my friends farewell, and took advantage of the fantastic light. It was completely cloudy, providing excellent light for floral shots. I grabbed my D300 and 105mm Micro, and set about shooting. Within two hours I had filled my 16 gig card with about 1200 photos. These I then threw onto my hard drive (after some infuriating technical difficulties) and then set about cutting. Amongst those 1200 pictures were some absolute beauties, so cutting down was hard, but I managed to get rid of the vast majority of the sub par ones, so I bring you today’s Top Ten, in no particular order:

So that’s really exciting… Never used this thingy before… Clicking the pictures will take you to the higher resolution files, so please do! I hope you like them. Comments, criticisms and of course compliments are welcomed! I look forward to doing more shooting this week as there are no exams until Friday and I’m going to get bored of studying quite frequently! Enjoy.

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