A Term of Absence

Phelsuma lineata on a Pandanus screw palm in Andasibe National Park

Phelsuma lineata on a Pandanus screw palm in Andasibe National Park

This is probably my favourite shot from the summer in Madagascar. I figured it might go some way towards apologising for my long leave of absence.

I have been off of the website for a very long time, and I am sure many of you are curious as to what I have been up to. Let me explain.

Firstly, I have been working on uni stuff, and consequentially have had very little time to work on my photography, and even less to actually spend on processing images and getting them online. In addition to focusing on uni work, I have also been working on applications for PhD positions, which has been a major time sink, and other little projects.
So what does that mean for the website? Well, not a huge amount. I still have not finished my posts from Madagascar this summer (there are at least two more posts to come), and I’ve shot a few more things since then as well. That means that there are a few more posts to come.
However! There are a few limiting factors on my ability to get these shots online. Most importantly, I am now entering the revision period in preparation for my exams this December (in fact, I am writing this post instead of listening to the lecture I am sitting in). That means that I will be restricted in what I can post before Christmas. Then, over the winter holiday, I will be writing four separate papers, meaning that I won’t have much time to put into the website either.
Nonetheless, I am going to try to at least get up the last of the Madagascar posts before New Year, and we will see where things go from there.

Thanks for your patience! Your readership is most appreciated.

Also, I got featured here. Check it out.

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